They set the rules. They just seem to have a hard time following them

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Don’t hide in your photos. Be proud of your appearance, your face, your body. Confidence is sexy.

She’s kind of cute. . .in a really creepy, terrifying way

What a macabre mystery!

The Discovery

Not a sentence I thought I’d ever say. . .

Courtesy of a woman who learned everything she knows about astrology from Google ten minutes ago

Catherine Linton née Earnshaw-Aries

It’s always Halloween in my world

Photo by Sabina Music Rich on Unsplash

For seven months now, she has been fighting to bring him home

Mercado and Deener with baby daughter, Ast

At only two years old, her son was taken from her

Why do we still let him have a platform?

It’s a magical place behind the curtain

Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash

There was never anything funny about Lorena Bobbitt’s story

Lorena and John Bobbitt at 1994 trial

John and Lorena Meet

Annabelle Wagner

Storyteller. Lover of cats. Holding a BA in English/Creative Writing from Point Park University. She/her.

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