There was never anything funny about Lorena Bobbitt’s story

Lorena and John Bobbitt at 1994 trial

Trigger Warning: this article contains descriptions of sexual assault and violence that may not be suitable for all readers. Please read with care.

John and Lorena Meet

Lorena Gallo, born in Ecuador and raised in Venezuela, emigrated to America in 1987 on a student visa. She found work as a manicurist in a salon. Shortly after coming to the country, she met Lance Corporal John Wayne Bobbitt at a dance hall located near the U.S. Marine Corps Base at Quantico. They fell fast in love, marrying on June 18, 1989.

But as quickly as their union came together, so too did it fall apart

Ted Bundy was not a tragic hero, he was an irredeemable monster.

The victims of Ted Bundy

Taking a love of true crime too far

From a young age, I’ve always been fascinated by true crime (honestly, I was probably way too young to be into that kind of stuff; I read Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson and Tears of Rage when I was only ten).

There are many reasons why I like true crime. I like trying to solve mysteries that have stymied investigators for years. It allows me to experience fear in a controlled environment (much like riding a rollercoaster or watching a scary movie). And of course, it teaches me of the dangers to watch out for in the world.

All that remains is that creepy security cam footage

Where is Lars Mittank?

On June 30, 2014, German tourist Lars Mittank traveled to the Golden Sands, a popular seaside resort just outside of Varna, Bulgaria, along with a few friends. For about a week, they enjoyed a pleasant trip, barhopping and lounging on the beach. On July, 6, however, things took a turn.

While out at a bar one night, Mittank got into a fight with some other German tourists over, of all things, football. Mittank, a fan of the football club Werder Bremen, got into a physical altercation with fans of Bayern Munich. …

What secrets do these photos hide?

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

People take photos everyday. . .selfies when they’re feeling good about their outfit, group shots with friends and family to celebrate special occasions, and even something as simple as a pretty flower they saw while out on a walk. Most of the time, these photos come out normal. But sometimes. . .sometimes they can capture disturbing things that the photographer may not have noticed.

The Solway Firth Spaceman

10/10 would recommend trying

Photo by Jan Mellström on Unsplash

Let me be more clear: I don’t read books by straight, white men anymore (and from here on out, anytime I refer to men in this article, you can assume I’m talking about this specific breed of man). This didn’t start as a deliberate choice. It just so happened that the vast majority of books I was reading were penned by women, POC, and/or LGBTQ+ individuals.

And then last summer, after one long stretch of not reading a single book by a man, I picked up a copy of Hex by Thomas Heuvelt. I was intrigued by its premise: a…

Did Jordan Brown kill his father’s pregnant fiancée?

Jordan Brown’s mugshot

On the last morning of her life, Kenzie Houk asked her fiancé Chris Brown to stay home with her rather than going to work. She was eight-and-a-half months pregnant and, feeling a bit ill, wanted him to stay home to take care of her. Chris decided to go into work, however, and left.

It was a decision that he would soon come to regret.

Chris and Kenzie had known each other since childhood, both having grown up in the small town of Wampum, PA, and when they reconnected as adults, sparks flew and they developed a relationship. Both of them…

He walks at night

One of the few confirmed pictures of Raymond Robinson

Picture this: you’re cruising around in your car one night, maybe on a date with your girl, maybe just hanging out with some friends, when you spot something peculiar in the distance. It looks kind of like a man, but there’s something very off about him. For one thing, he’s green, his skin seeming to glow in the night. And his face. . .it’s so deformed it barely even looks human anymore.

Congratulations! If you live in Beaver County, chances are you’ve just spotted Charlie No-Face, or the Green Man as he’s sometimes known (if you’re not from Beaver County…

Cathy is Not the Heroine You Should Admire

“Wuthering Heights” by Robert McGinnis/Tom Simpson

Emily Brontë’s only novel, Wuthering Heights, is full of so much violence and brutality that, in its time, it was seen as incredibly controversial; readers simply couldn’t stomach the way the book challenged their rigid sense of morality and decency.

Although judgment has tamed substantially in the century-and-a-half since its publication, the vicious scenes Brontë crafted are no less striking, and the moment I’ve always found the most memorable comes in chapter seventeen.

Isabella Heathcliff (formerly Linton) has just escaped her abusive husband, fleeing the house in the middle of the night, in winter, wearing nothing but a thin dress…

And the homophobes lost their minds

Movie poster for Happiest Season

In February of 2020, right before shit hit the fan with the pandemic, my little town of Grove City, PA got some exciting news: a Hollywood film crew was coming in for a day to film some scenes for an upcoming Christmas movie. That movie was Happiest Season, a Hulu original movie that came out later that year starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza, and many other big names. The movie was directed by Clea DuVall, star of another lesbian rom-com But I’m a Cheerleader. The premise of the film is a young woman named Harper (Mackenzie…

They set the rules. They just seem to have a hard time following them

Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Ever read a men’s health magazine full of helpful tips for women out in the dating world? Ever notice that their actions seem to contradict their own guidelines?

As a woman who’s been online dating for years. . .I have.

Don’t hide in your photos. Be proud of your appearance, your face, your body. Confidence is sexy.

This guy’s a mystery. His profile is sparse, except that he attends Pitt and likes going out. All his pictures show young men standing on a beach, sitting around a campfire, or scaling a rock wall. Which one is he? The beanpole in the Hawaiian print swim trunks with the floppy blonde hair or the guy with the unkempt beard…

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